Teaching With Culturally Responsive Comprehensible Input


A credit bearing online course for language teachers

From Rachelle Adams & Anna Gilcher

Elevate Education Consulting

Dear Friends,


Teaching with comprehensible input (CI) is effective and exciting!

​Trying to do it all alone can be overwhelming and discouraging.

The Elevate CI online course is designed to provide you solid, sustained support throughout the year to develop your Culturally Responsive CI teaching skills. We provide you the information, coaching, and resources to help you grow and see results in your students right away.  


You're never alone! We take you step by step along a success path to develop your Culturally Responsive CI teaching practice.

How does the learning happen?

Through crystallized learning modules, curated resources, concrete actions you can take in your classroom, and guided reflection, we walk you through the 5 stages of Teaching with Culturally Responsive Comprehensible Input: 

  • Understanding CI 
  • Providing CI 
  • Witnessing Progress 
  • Trusting the Process 
  • Deepening Your Culturally Responsive CI Practice 


Become a member of our 2019-2020 cohort & you'll gain access to new
content incrementally... so you're never overwhelmed.

Content is shared weekly over 12 months. Each week’s instruction only takes an average of 20 minutes. What sets Elevate courses apart is that we focus on the latest neuroscience research related to Culturally Responsive Language Acquisition.

Learning modules and resources are released on Fridays, and you receive an email as a reminder to pop in and check out the new info.

You have access to Rachelle Adams and Anna Gilcher via email any time to answer questions and provide support.

For more information about Rachelle Adams & Anna Gilcher PhD, Co-Directors of ​Elevate Education Consulting, visit our website: www.elevateeducationconsulting.com 

What is Elevate CI all about?

Elevate CI is about education, and the understanding that once you’ve learned something it helps to have support and community to put that knowledge into practice.


No matter where you are on your path to becoming a Culturally Responsive Comprehensible Input teacher, every time you go through the material, you learn it through a different lens and see things you didn’t see before.


Becoming a confident and successful CI teacher takes a while. Our goal is to support you in that success by lowering your stress, giving you your time back, and providing curated information, easily implemented actions, and classroom resources.

Cost & Graduate Level Credits

Course Cost - $250 (less than $5/week!) 
Payable in full or in 4 bi-monthly payments of $62.50.

Graduate-level credits are available from University of the Pacific.

Engaging with the modules over the course of the year earns you one graduate-level credit with no additional work required.

Each additional graduate-level credit requires a 3-page, typed, single-spaced narrative report.

1 Graduate-Level Credit:
$62 / Completion of course modules
No further work or documentation is required. 

2 Graduate-Level Credits: 
$124 / 6-page reflection paper 

3 Graduate-Level Credits: 
$186 / 9-page reflection paper 

4 Graduate-Level Credits: 
$248 / 12-page reflection paper

  • One of our primary goals of this course is to lower your stress level as a teacher.

  • Joy goes up... Stress comes down!

  • Once you understand the basics of Comprehensible Input & some simple CI techniques, the joy of teaching returns.

  • We can implement CI within a culturally responsive framework, get back valuable time, and see students soar!

Join today for 4 payments of only $62.50

You will receive an email with the access link immediately upon ordering.

“I believe that in order to bring about transformation in our society this culturally responsive model will in time form more allies. I commend you!”  

Nina Raffaele-Aponte, Washington International School, Washington, DC

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